Q:  Why should I use a concierge service?  Why should I use Encore?
A:   We live in a very fast-paced world these days, leaving little time to do the things we truly need and want to accomplish. Often, keeping up with the responsibilities of work and family becomes overwhelming and stressful. Encore Concierge has the resources to help you manage those obligatory responsibilities so that you may enjoy a more balanced and rewarding lifestyle. Visit our Services page in this website where we provide the appropriate links for the obtain detail information about each of Encore's services.

Q:  What type of personal services do you provide?
A:  Encore provides customized professional services to make your personal life more manageable. Here are links to those types of services: Financial, Entertainment, Home Assistance, Shopping and Errands, Scheduling, Relocation, Home & Pet, Senior Assistance and New Parent Assistance.

Q:  Does Encore Concierge Services offer organizing services?
A:  Yes.  Encore will work with you to organize any part of your home or office.  We will help you to define your goals and how to achieve your primary objectives.

Q:  My parents are elderly and need help paying their bills, making doctor appointments and going grocery shopping when the weather is bad.  Do you provide this service?
A:  Absolutely. We can arrange to meet with you and your parents to discuss their needs and develop a plan/schedule that will work for them and ease their (and your) concerns.

Keeping this page up to date will be an ongoing process as additional questions are presented. However, we are just a phone call or e-mail away to personally answering any questions you may have about our service and how we can provide a helping Hand.